//SVS Is Proudly AS9100 Certified

SVS Is Proudly AS9100 Certified

The AS9100 is a quality management standard that ensures that Aerospace organizations are maintaining the utmost safety, reliability and quality standards. This set of standards is designed to be used in the aviation, space, and defense industries. This certification addresses all parts of the supply chain to verify quality products in these industries. Sentry View Systems is proudly an AS9100 certified organization for our commitment to quality and trustworthy top of the line products. 


What Does it Mean to be AS9100 Certified? 

To know that you are purchasing from an AS9100 certified business is to know that you are purchasing your product with confidence. With an AS9100 certification, Sentry View Systems is proven to meet requirements for: 

  • Effective implementation in quality management systems
  • Special risk management
  • Additional configuration and product management
  • Streamlined approval process


The AS9100 certification builds on the ISO 9001, and therefore must conform to the standards of both. In addition, the AS9100 aims to include an organization’s risk-based thinking, product planning, how to handle changes in the industry, the prevention of counterfeit products, and the mitigation of human error. This certification regularly inspects and audits all areas of a company to ensure compliance in these set standards.


Sentry View Systems is proud to comply in these areas, having passed both the required initial certification audits. This ensures that our process is sound and will provide the highest quality products for your industry. Sentry View Systems has and will continue being cyclically audited in order to ensure that these standards are being maintained and that the products delivered to our customers and partners are of the highest possible quality that we are known for. We look forward to serving you and our clients on a global scale in the aerospace and defense industry for many more years to come. 

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