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Customizable to your specific mission, Sentry View Systems solutions are flexible, adaptable, and scalable  ̶  desirable for almost any security and surveillance demand. Contact us about your application and we will deliver an off-the-shelf, or custom solution to address your requirements.

Read on to learn how our autonomous wireless surveillance and communications solutions are ideal for your demanding, remote applications.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

National security and civil order rely heavily on the reliable operation and management of large-scale, critical infrastructure sites. Agriculture and food, water, public health, emergency services, government, defense, energy, transportation and shipping, chemical, petrochemical, and hazardous materials critical infrastructures are all susceptible to natural disasters, failures, and malicious attacks.

The monitoring, control, and security of these systems represent massive challenges as their size, complexity, and interactions are steadily growing.

Sentry View Systems has extensive experience in providing solutions to protect our nation’s most valuable assets. Our solutions can help system integrators address a spectrum of security installation challenges, such as remote and autonomous power supply and communications.

More than 500 custom-developed Sentry View surveillance solutions for remote site monitoring have been deployed across the USA. These sites experience extreme weather, from blistering 70°C+ summers to -30°C or colder winters, very high sustained winds, blizzards, and ice storms. Systems supported by Sentry View Systems provide edge video storage, IP communications interface (SATCOM, radio, or hard-wired network interface), cameras, video analytics, intelligent edge device management, power management, environmentally controlled enclosure, etc.

There is virtually no limit to what you can protect with a Sentry View solution. Contact Sentry View Systems to schedule a technical review of your Critical Infrastructure Monitoring project.

High-Value Asset Protection

The risks of criminal terrorism, loss of high-value assets and property, and vandalism are rapidly becoming commonplace in parts of the world that have traditionally been considered relatively free from risk. Unfortunately, there are now nearly infinite numbers of threats harming interests.

Shutting the site down is not an option at high-value assets like defense installations, utility companies, land-based refineries, and large-scale companies. The loss in revenue for a day or two (due to a security risk) could be higher than the site’s annual security budget. Sometimes the assets are so important the loss of even one day could seriously impact production or defense capabilities, or provide the enemy with significant propaganda value.

Sentry View Systems provides technology solutions that can aid in confronting the continually changing threats to critical Department of Defense (DoD) sites and other high-value assets from intruders, explosives, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN), and other combined threats.

Sentry View Systems’ goal is to design, develop, and implement innovative solutions that assist physical security technologies to protect high value assets by enabling responses to incidents and accidents that impact national security.

There is virtually no limit to what you can protect with a Sentry View solution. Contact Sentry View Systems to schedule a technical review of your High-Value Asset Protection project.

Border Surveillance

The protection of international borders can be one of the most difficult security and surveillance applications. The area covered is often remote, can experience very harsh weather conditions, and may be vast in size.

Challenges in monitoring such terrain can be tough to handle. Remote locations require reliable and sustainable power and communications that may be tough or expensive to provide. Detecting threats in the air, on the ground, or under the ground each have their own set of challenges. The environments where systems will need to be located can be harsh, so systems deployed there must be capable of surviving in extreme hot or extreme cold, rain, humid, and arid environments.

The Sentry View System border protection solution is a means of providing remote surveillance, threat detection, and visual assessment. The solution is easily customizable with a flexible design architecture that can be adjusted to accommodate any environment.

Many of the surveillance locations along a border can be powered by renewable energy, making the system simpler to install and more economical to operate and maintain. The Sentry View Systems border solution provides protection, surveillance, security, and preservation.

There is virtually no limit to what you can protect with a Sentry View solution. Contact Sentry View Systems to schedule a technical review of your Border Surveillance project.

Remote Perimeter Security

If you are building a perimeter surveillance system around a critical site, such as a power plant, the task of getting power and communications to remote areas can represent a massive challenge.

In many cases, the use of wireless communication and renewable energy resources can save time and money.

Sentry View Systems has the ideal solution for remote surveillance and perimeter protection. The wireless system, powered by renewable energy, allows responders to monitor threat. The fundamental system design preserves your budget by substantially reducing installation costs (trench permits, cable pulling, and other traditional installation headaches). These systems can be installed with relative ease in even the most remote locations.

There is virtually no limit to what you can protect with a Sentry View solution. Contact Sentry View Systems to schedule a technical review of your Remote Perimeter Security project.

Wide-Area Monitoring

For power plants and grids, dams and coastal waterways, seaports, airports, borders, cities and towns, system protection schemes require wide area monitoring to ensure 24/7/365 operation of key equipment and structures. Wide-area monitoring systems are becoming more popular in reducing threats, often improving the reliability and security of energy production, transmission, and distribution in power networks with high levels of operational uncertainty.

A wide-area monitoring system acts as ‘extra eyes’ to continuously monitor for potentially threatening activities. Operators use system-wide information, and the communication of select information to, and from, remote locations to stay on top of system operation.

Often, a wide-area monitoring system will incorporate long-range camera systems to monitor large areas from a single location, transmitting image data over IP networks to a server so the recorded material can be reviewed anywhere and at any time. But how do you supply power and communications capabilities to these remote devices?

Sentry View Systems offers solutions to help keep your highly-valued wide areas safe.

Contact Sentry View Systems to discuss how our solutions can ease your Wide-Area Monitoring technology deployment.

Remote Video Surveillance