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Our scalable remote surveillance monitoring solutions and fixed applications are ideal in industrial markets like construction sites. These sites are wide open and often poorly guarded, making them an invitation for trespassing and theft. With Sentry View Systems, you can add to your already existing infrastructure to increase your security, or integrate an entirely new solution to best suit your needs with the scalable and customizable urban mobile detection platform.

Sentry View Systems offers remote video surveillance solutions, as well as mobile surveillance systems, and reliable fixed solutions to suit the needs of your construction site. Keep a watchful eye on your construction site, monitor progress, and protect your valuable assets with full surveillance at your fingertips. Receive alerts notifying you when there is unauthorized access to your site, and deter intruders with the mere presence of your Sentry View Systems product. 

The urban mobile detection platform is the most versatile model in our mobile detection platform series that offers solutions in the harshest of surveillance challenges. The urban mobile detection platform provides the scalability to add the subsystems that will keep your area protected. Customize sensor integration such as day cameras, night cameras, thermal imagers, as well as seismic and acoustic sensors optimized for weather and terrain.    

Whether you are monitoring a remote site, or in need of a reliable fixed solution, Sentry View Systems has you covered. Sentry View Systems provides a scalable approach that allows you to choose your solution that will be flexible for your needs and your budget. Our solutions can be moved based on terrain and your current needs, provide 24/7 recording of all activity on your site, and can be updated at any time. No more having to buy an entire system because the technology has changed. Keep your construction projects safe and well monitored with a remote surveillance or fixed application solution from Sentry View Systems.