Education and Campus Security2019-07-22T12:49:26-04:00

The need for campus security, whether on the university level or in a K-12 environment, should not be understated and is a crucial part of a school wide management plan and student success. Keep your campus and your students safe with Sentry View’s scalable and versatile mobile security solutions. Protect your students by:

  • Deterring Crime and Vandalism
  • Monitor remote areas such as parking lots 
  • Monitor student housing
  • Keep record of indoor and outdoor common areas 
  • Maintain campus wide line of sight and communication between administration and security personnel 

The Urban Mobile Detection Platform is your remote video surveillance and mobile surveillance solution. This platform has the ability to add and customize subsystems to support your needs and budget. Upgrades include analytics and processing capabilities to allow motion detection, target tracking, electronic image stabilization, and PTZ auto-tracking. 

With Sentry View’s scalable surveillance solutions, the end user is also able to customize sensor integrations to include high definition day and night cameras, thermal imagers, as well as seismic and acoustic sensors. These additional sensing capabilities allow the Urban Mobile Detection Platform to be suitable for any of the above uses at any time, day or night. Utilize this versatility and mobility to protect you, your student body, and your campus at all times in all areas.