It is our mission to PROTECT, SURVEY, SECURE, and PRESERVE. We do this through a catalog of custom products to meet the unique needs of your application.

From Mobile Surveillance Camera Systems, Equpment, Towers, Trailers, and more, Sentry View Systems offers a line of products and services to establish a solution to your most challenging surveillance and security needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Force protection
  • High-value asset security
  • Remote, harsh and/or challenging locations
  • Autonomous operation
  • Perimeter & border surveillance
  • Network design
  • Turnkey and custom solutions
  • Integrated analytics and processing capabilities such as motion detection, target tracking, electronic image stabilization, PTZ auto-tracking
  • Custom sensor integrations such as day cameras (standard, HD, wide-angle or telephoto), night cameras (low light, NIR illuminated, I2, EMCCD), thermal imagers (all weather, day/night detection capabilities), seismic and acoustic sensors.

Whatever your surveillance requirements are, Sentry View Systems has a solution – or the capability to develop a custom solution. We will protect you and your assets!

Remote Video Surveillance
SOLICE - Sentry View Systems

Urban Mobile Detection Platform

The Urban Mobile Detection Platform is a smaller MDP Series model. This platform will be marketed for commercial and law enforcement use. The platform will have the ability to add all subsystems, however may have limitations on the CBRN sub systems depending on the enclosure size.

  • UMDP is a compact MDP Series Model
  • Designed for commercial and law enforcement markets
  • Scalable
  • Auto start generator and solar options
  • Surveillance
  • LPR
  • Quick deployment
  • 3G/4G comms
  • Torsion Axle