//SVS Applauds the American Red Cross

SVS Applauds the American Red Cross

Working within the defense industry, we have the pleasure to work with and observe a number of agencies by supporting their goals. Most recently, Sentry View Systems applauds the efforts of disaster relief foundations everywhere, especially the American Red Cross for their disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.  According to World Bank, Natural Disasters force 26 million people into poverty per year, and can erase years of poverty reduction progress in an instant. It is the goal of the Red Cross to not only respond when disaster strikes, but to rebuild from the destruction left behind in the wake of these events.


Before anything else, The American Red Cross begin their disaster relief efforts at the heart of any community: its people. The American Red Cross works to provide food, temporary shelter, clothing, and even vital medicine to those who were affected or displaced. This organization relies heavily on donations to support these efforts while the volunteers and staff are hard at work rebuilding structures, reuniting families, and restoring community to these affected towns. The American Red Cross so far has raised an astounding two million dollars in hurricane disaster relief in support of the Bahamas. 


For these efforts, outside support and stable communication is vital. The American Red Cross is tasked with restoring community where, in some cases, community has been completely destroyed. This can present its own set of challenges for the relief team. Hurdles such as damaged airports and damaged or destroyed telecommunications networks make it difficult to communicate the needs of the community, and receive any aid once there. 


Despite its challenges, the American Red Cross seeks to answer the questions of “How are we going to rebuild”, “Will I ever see my loved one again”, and “How will we feed our families”. Sentry View Systems proudly commends their humanitarian efforts and seeks to support them with our state of the art technology. As our way of contributing, Sentry View Systems proudly offers partnership with non-profit disaster relief foundations to provide robust, scalable, and cutting edge solutions for those in need. We offer bulk orders for our scalable units and disaster relief tools to help these foundations do what they do best: mitigate damage, care for affected residents, and rebuild.  

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