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  • Remote Video Monitoring

Wide-Area Remote Video Monitoring Systems

For power plants and grids, dams and coastal waterways, seaports, airports, borders, cities, and towns, system protection schemes require wide area monitoring to ensure 24/7/365 operation of key equipment and structures. Wide-area remote video monitoring systems are becoming more popular in reducing threats, often improving the reliability and security of energy production, transmission, and distribution in power networks with high levels of operational uncertainty.

A monitoring system acts as ‘extra eyes’ to continuously monitor for potentially threatening activities. Operators use system-wide information, and the communication of select information to, and from, remote locations to stay on top of system operation.

Often, these systems will incorporate long-range camera systems to monitor large areas from a single location, transmitting image data over IP networks to a server so the recorded material can be reviewed anywhere and at any time. But how do you supply power and communications capabilities to these remote devices?

Sentry View Systems offers solutions to help keep your highly-valued wide areas safe with Remote Location Monitoring.

Contact Sentry View Systems to discuss how our solutions can ease your Monitoring technology deployment.

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